Awesome tool for doing Kanban, the great Trello!

After joining a new company I found out folks and developers at the company are puzzled about Scrum and the way they have to do it. Not so surprisingly they didn’t bothered to have a board for organizing their things! actually the office they have  is stuffed so they had their own excuse to not to use a physical board and since they have been using .Net and MS technologies they are completely dependent(a.k.a falling in love with) on “MS TFS” (an ALM solution which tries to provide a very basic tracking and ticketing system but I couldn’t find a common ground with TFS) and they had preferred the TFS way of ticketing.

TFS is a good solution in terms of being Microsoftish but it is not an awesome piece of software which could solve the problem of tracking issues within the team, specially the GUI of TFS is not user friendly and usable in my opinion.

So I started a revolution to dismiss the TFS and introduced them the awesome piece of software the great Trello!trello

For those of you still haven’t heard  what Trello is. Trello is a web application which helps you to organizing your tasks based on Kanban.

Kanban in Japaneses means “Board” and Trello is nothing but an electronic board which lets you to divide it into numerous columns and name each column and stick your virtual stickers on it.

But Trello still suffers from missed features, the main feature that we missed is an aggregation tool to show all the ‘doing’ cards of an user or show all ‘whatever column’ of an user in one single place so we won’t need to dance around in the website to find out how many tasks are assigned to a user in several boards.

The other feature that we missed is the way Trello folks implement REST api in their application, believe it or not they implement POST methods but they send data through url! whatever reason was their thoughts for doing such, it was a nightmare for us to use a .net wrapper called Chello and find out that the bug we encountered was Trello’s fault.

In Conclusion, Trello still is great, it has potential to become one of the key tool in agile software developing life cycle (well as long as agile is on trend) and become alternative to giants such as TFS! don’t hesitate to use it.